Local server gets $2,021 tip as part of viral challenge


LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — The 2021 Tip Challenge has made its way to the metro.

The idea started last year when servers receiver a $2,020 dollar gratuity.

You can always find Lisa Etherton at Jose Pepper’s in Lee’s Summit or Liberty.

The job has been a main source of income for her, despite the challenges the restaurant industry has faced during the pandemic.

“For many many months we were closed and could only do carry out,” Etherton said. “That limited a lot of hours and a lot of time that we were able to come to work and make money.”

You can imagine her reaction when a customer left a $2,021 tip with the message, “Make 2021 a great year!”

“I mean I started tearing up and I was just like shocked,” Etherton said.

Etherton said she considers it a blessing after a rough couple of months.

“I have my own struggles going on right now and just being able to have that going on right now it’s perfect timing,” Etherton said.

General manager James Shields said he’s not surprised someone decided to be a blessing to Etherton.

“It means a lot to anybody to get money to be appreciated and any time you get a little extra its like the icing on the cake,” Shields said.

And as for her guardian angels, she said they’ve given her more hope to weather the storm.

“I take it as a blessing and I think right now it shows that there’s good people left in the world and we can all have faith in that.”



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