Local shelter says ‘I care’ about domestic violence awareness through new campaign

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MERRIAM, Kan. — Safehome wants everyone to say “I care” about domestic violence issues.

So the local domestic violence shelter is working with metro police departments and businesses on its new “iCare” campaign.

You can visit a participating business and make a donation to help the shelter. In return, you’ll get a black sticker. Safehome asks that you wear the sticker or take a picture wearing it. Then upload it to social media using #icareforsafehome.

“It’s not anything easy to talk about,” Megan McGee with Safehome said. “We know by wearing a sticker it’s going to spark that conversation to get folks to ask what’s that all about?”

Employees at Stem Hair and Body Salon in Merriam knew they wanted to be involved as soon as they heard about the campaign, especially because of the visual element it included.

“That’s what immediately brings awareness,” Kathy Caveny said. “You know everybody sees the button, and they’re hesitant to ask. But when they see this, it’s ‘What’s that all about?'”

Safehome said it decided to take this approach because the campaign raises awareness and money at the same time. It’s also easy and is something that anyone can support.

“It’s really helped spark that conversation and get folks talking about something that we typically don’t want to talk about, that’s something that happens behind closed doors,” McGee said.  “So being able to have the public come behind the campaign, getting our community involved has been just phenomenal.”

Employees at Stem Hair and Body Salon in Merriam said they’ve raised nearly $900 for Safehome in less than a month. One reason the fundraising is so successful is because the employees said they take time to explain all of the help the domestic violence shelter provides.

“I always bring it to their attention that it’s court advocacy, a 24-hour hotline, just a whole list of things,” Caveny said. “That was kind of nice to just bring awareness that not only is it a place to go to be safe, but also if you don’t need that, they have all these other services that they provide.”

Safehome said fighting domestic violence never ends. You can read more about the iCare campaign on Safehome’s website.



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