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BASEHOR, Kan. — A Basehor-Linwood High School student is speaking out after getting death threats that referenced being shot, and her throat slashed.

She said she was specifically targeted, and hopes to stand up for all victims of bullying.

“It was just extremely nasty,” 17-year-old Hannah Reno said.

She’s a junior at Basehor-Linwood High School.

She plays the saxophone in the jazz band and was on the bus Friday with some bandmates when she said she received a Facebook message with song lyrics from two male students.

“It addressed things like my sexuality, and it addressed him wanting to kill me, and him wanting me to kill myself,” Hannah said.

“They wanted to cut her throat, shoot her, they wanted her to slit her wrists and cut her own throat,” her father Brian said.

Brian said his daughter told him about it the next day.

“She just was almost hysterical that she couldn’t believe that she was attacked because of her sexual preference,” he added about his daughter.

“It is definitely inappropriate to target somebody for their sexuality. It’s inappropriate to target anyone and write a song that’s wanting them to die,” added Hannah.

“I was extremely upset; I felt bad for her because she got attacked for absolutely no reason at all,” Brian said.

Brian said he called the police who advised him to go to the school resource officer, which he did first thing Monday morning.

The school district declined to comment on camera, but told FOX 4 that two students were suspended yesterday for violating a handbook policy: severe disrespect and intimidation of another student.

Brian said he doesn’t feel that this punishment is severe enough.

“If this was a bomb threat in a song, what would have happened? That school would have been on lock down, but because of my daughter’s sexual preferences being questioned, they’re trying to minimize this, and I do not like this at all,” Brian said.

Hannah said she hopes by sharing her story she’ll encourage others who are being bullied.

“I do feel unsafe,” Hannah added. “Bullying is not okay in any form at all.”