Local Veteran Tackles Bikram Yoga

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On Friday the nation celebrated Veterans Day. A metro Veteran is inspiring others with his interesting workout.

There’s a place in Kansas City where it’s hotter than any July or August day. Bikram’s Yoga College of India offers an intense version in a room heated to 105 degrees.

“I like to be tortured,” said John Carter, WWII Veteran.  “I do it for my health.  It’s one of the best energy building exercising that you can do for time and money.  There’s a lot of other good exercises out there but for me, Bikram hot yoga is the best.”

Carter is one of the studio’s more dedicated students. He served in WWII for three and a half years and in the reserves for a decade. While many of his peers who’ve been called the greatest generation are in wheelchairs and using walkers, 89-year-old Carter sweats it out in Bikram Yoga an hour and a half daily.

“I credit Bikram for saving my life,” Carter said. “I had a rhythm problem and it got up to 200 beats a minute and because I’d been practicing Bikram Yoga and doing a lot of aerobic exercises I was able to withstand that until the doctors had a chance to get my heartbeat down.”

Carter began practicing Bikram Yoga back in 1996, he decided to become certified in the summer of 2011.  He celebrated his 89th birthday by teaching his very first yoga class.  That makes him the oldest Bikram Yoga instructor in the country.

“He inspires us,” said Angela Moulin, Bikram’s Yoga College of India.  “When he’s in the room at 89 years old, none of us want to sit out because he’s not. It’s an incredible testimony about the power of the mind.”

Carter says he does it to keep a strong body, mind and soul.

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