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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — An Army veteran with terminal cancer has won a trip of a lifetime, and he gets to take it with his wife of 13 years.

“When you get the news, it`s pretty unbelievable at first,” said 40 year old Willie Wright, who found out he had cancer back in April.

“Seeing my husband so sick and you can`t help the person that you love, makes it very difficult,” said wife Rickesha.

He went through chemotherapy, had surgery, and thought he was winning the fight.

“They did a CT and found that it metastasized, it was in my lungs and my liver,” added Willie.

Doctors told him he had six months to three years to live.

“You start to look at life a little differently,” his wife said.

“To hear that you have a certain amount of time left, it gets to you, you start thinking of your family, and what your children are going to do without you,” Willie said

That’s when social workers at KU Medical Center submitted him to a Pennsylvania charity, For Pete’s Sake Cancer Respite Foundation, that provides respite vacations for cancer patients.

“I can`t even imagine or count the number of hours I’ve spent on the internet looking at videos of what it`s like at Disney World and the different things to do,” said Rickesha.

Willie and Rickesha spent Tuesday packing for their week-long trip to Florida. They leave Wednesday morning and they’re staying in a house just outside of Orlando.

The trip to includes the flights, a stay in a four bedroom house, and trips to Disney, Universal Studios, and Sea World.

They will also be given a stipend for souvenirs.

“I’ve never taken a vacation, other than to Branson with my husband, we didn’t have a chance to take a honeymoon, it`s an amazing opportunity, a chance to get away and just have fun,” Rickesha said, “There`s nothing we have to worry about.”

Willie says they could never afford a trip like this.

“Cancer does take its toll on you financially, and we had very limited amount of savings when it began, and it`s pretty much been depleted,” he said.

Willie is an Army veteran and has never taken a vacation with his wife of 13 years. He says he’s hoping this trip helps relieve stress, as all he thinks about is his time left with his family.

“You go from hoping for old age, to hoping for if I can just make 10 years,” added Willie.

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