Long hours and no pay leave KC temporary workers feeling betrayed

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Royals may be World Series champions, but that means nothing to temporary workers who clocked hours of work at Kauffman Stadium and haven’t been paid.

Now they want to know why there’s a holdup.

Attending a Royals game can be an exciting time. Working there is a little less enjoyable.

“The stress, constant people, but that’s a part of the job,” said Winnie Monahan.

Monahan, along with several friends, worked an average of eight to 10 hours per day for a month. She was contracted through Staffing KC to work at Kauffman Stadium back in June, but has yet to see a single paycheck.

Monahan says the company owes her at least $800.

There are two organizations with the name “Staffing KC.” This is not to be mistaken with the one in Overland Park.

Roses Ammon, the Vice President of Staffing Kansas City, Inc., clarified in a statement: “This person has nothing to do with Staffing Kansas City, Inc. As I mentioned we have had our attorneys reach out with a cease and assist order.”

The organization Monahan is talking about is run by Lorraine Swinford and her husband David. Monahan calls this act of betrayal even more bitter because David Swinford was a high school friend whom she’s known for 30 years.

There is a case at the U.S Department of Labor against Swinford’s Staffing KC. FOX 4 reached out to Lorraine Swinford, who says she couldn’t pay the employees because she has not been paid and wants to talk with her lawyer before providing more details, including who she’s waiting to pay her.

The U.S Department of Labor confirms there is an open investigation involving Swinford’s Staffing KC. Under federal law, it doesn’t matter if the employer doesn’t get paid; there is still the responsibility of paying employees.

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