OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — One of Oak Park Mall’s popular, longtime attractions is closing soon.

But don’t worry, it appears something new will be taking its place.

A spokesperson for Oak Park Mall confirmed the carousel will be closing, though they don’t have an exact date yet.

Indoor Entertainment of Kansas, the current operators, have already put up a sign at the carousel.

“Thank you for 19 wonderful years of business. Everyone of you is appreciated. We will miss you Overland Park!” the sign reads.

Sean Phillips, senior marketing director for Oak Park Mall, said the carousel owner leases the space for the attraction. But the mall and carousel owner were not able to agree on a new lease agreement.

The current carousel has been in place at Oak Park Mall since 2008.

Phillips said the mall is already in discussions with a new operator to bring a carousel back — and potentially other family amenities.