Lots of people in Kansas City area eager to adopt ducks and geese removed from Kansas City, Mo., property

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — KC Pet Project received 47 ducks and 5 geese from a home in Kansas City, Mo., where the owner was breaking an ordinance by having too many animals allowed in the zoned housing area.

They’ve received so many inquiries about the ducks, KC Pet Project believes they will have homes for every one of them.

Kansas City Animal Control seized the animals and took them to KC Pet Project when the owner did not find new homes for the ducks and geese in the allotted time.

“We’ve had an outpouring of people who want to adopt the ducks,” Tori Fugate, Director of Marketing & Development for KC Pet Project, said.

Fugate said what they really need now is duck food, straw and kiddie pools for the ducks to swim and splash in. If you want to donate these items, you can get the duck food at tractor supply and feed stores.

The ducks have a 10 to 12 year life span. These ducks are domesticated animals. They cannot survive on their own in the wild. Those who adopt a duck from KC Pet Project need to come from approved homes with proper enclosures.

“If you do have a pond, that’s great,” said Fugate, but added that these ducks still need proper enclosures to return to after they’re in the pond.

Already for the month of June, KC Pet Project has taken in over 250 animals in just eight days. The shelter is asking the community for their support during the summer months, when the count of animals coming to the shelter drastically increases. The shelter is also seeing many people who are having to give up their pets for a variety of reasons. So far in 2016, owner surrendered pets are up 10%, and they have more than doubled since taking over the shelter in 2012.

“During the summer months, we could see up to 1,000 animals coming through our doors every 30 days, so we really need the community to rally behind our organization and our pets”, said Fugate. “We are on track to take in the highest number of pets we have ever received at KC Pet Project, since taking over the shelter in 2012. We need adopters, fosters, and donations to help us care for the pets coming to us. In order to keep working toward a No-Kill community in Kansas City, we have to have the community’s support.”

Adopters can go to KC Pet Project’s three adoption centers seven days a week to meet adoptable pets, and new fosters can sign up on KC Pet Project’s website.

KC Pet Project is always grateful for donations such as cat and dog food (or duck food!) or monetary donations to buy the supplies needed. Donate here: http://donate.kcpetproject.org.
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