Lunch Revamp: Metro Students Get Healthier Options


Students at Bridle Ridge Intermediate have a full salad bar for lunch everyday.

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RAYMORE, Mo. — The students at one Raymore-Peculiar school are seeing red – and orange and green.

“They give you oranges, apples, sometime bananas and pears and they have peaches – those all my favorites that they have,” said Magdalyn Carlson, 11.

Magdalyn, a fifth grader, is among the students Bridle Ridge Intermediate who are getting more nutritious dense foods at lunch each day.  While the cafeteria still has pizza and pasta, it only offers beans, fruit, veggies and salad as side dishes.

“You can go through the cafeteria – you can get some salad, some oranges, whatever comes with your lunch,” said fifth grader Corey Morrison, 10. “That way so I can get stronger and I can stay healthier.”

The goal is to introduce kids to healthier options and that those options make for a healthier lifestyle.

“I used to have ice cream every day after school, now I’m having these granola bars everyday,” said Magdalyn.  “It’s helping me and now I’m eating more fruits and vegetables at home.  I have apples everyday now and bananas and pears instead of having ice cream or cake.”

That’s what Ray-Pec Superintendent Jeff Kyle likes to hear.  His district buys most of it fresh produce locally from the Windsor Amish Farmer’s Market.

“We’re concerned with the national obesity issue so if we can teach them to eat healthy and exercise regularly,” said Kyle.  “And of course, we think that’s better for their academics as well.  A healthy kid, a happy kid is going to learn better, so it all works up together.”

Just after the first of the year, every school in the Ray Pec School District will have a customized salad bar.  The goal is to teach kids to make healthier choices that will last the rest of their lives.



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