Major airline upsets passenger by losing his dog

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TAMPA, Fla. – Losing your checked luggage while flying can be very frustrating and inconvenient, but for one man the loss of his precious cargo has been devastating.

According to 10 News in Tampa, Frank Ramano boarded a flight in Los Angeles which was destined for Florida on October 31. Ramano says Delta Airlines lost his dog, Ty, as he boarded the flight, and more than a week later, his beloved pet is still missing.

“To me it sounds like they don’t care. They sound like they lost a piece of baggage,” Ramano told 10 News. “No. He’s family. He’s like my best friend. He’s another part of our family.”

Ramano said he was homeless when he adopted 6-year-old Ty, and that in a way the dog had rescued him by helping him through such hard times.

Delta said their workers are still trying to find the pet after he chewed through his crate while in the cargo section of the plane, and then ran across the tarmac.

Ramano however, is skeptical and claims the airline has been giving him the run-around, saying they have changed their story many times. He says the airline offered him credit towards another flight, but stated that no amount of money will fix the situation.

Ty is micro chipped so Ramono is holding out hope he is found.

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