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ST. PAUL, Minn. — When a man posted a video to Facebook on January 8th that showed his 101-year-old neighbor shoveling another neighbor’s walkway, people fell in love with the old-timer and viewed the video nearly 2 million times.

Keven O’Bannon, 55, explained as he recorded Mr. Mann that the St. Paul area had a light dusting of snow overnight. He looked outside and saw Mr. Mann shoveling a neighbor’s walk, so he went to interview him, a man he calls a pillar of the community.

Mann explained why he was shoveling his neighbor’s walkway, even at his age.

“Well he’s out of town,” Mr. Mann said.  “I can use the exercise as long as I don’t exert myself. I know what my limitations are.”

Over the weekend, O’Bannon shared another video of Mr. Mann. O’Bannon said Mr. Mann was amazed to see the Internet and really appreciated all the likes, shares and comments on the original video.

When O’Bannon asks him to say something to the people and the camera, Mr. Mann says:

“I’m happy to be as well as I am, as active as I am, mentally and physically. And I appreciate my neighbors like this gentlemen here,” said Mr. Mann.

Every time Mr. Mann calls O’Bannon his mentor, O’Bannon breaks into a big smile, obviously flattered.