Man accused of taking photos of women in Forever 21 changing rooms at Oak Park Mall


Anthony Delapp

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. — A Joplin, Mo., man is facing charges in Johnson County for allegedly taking pictures of females in the changing rooms of Forever 21 at Oak Park Mall last year.

According to court documents, Anthony Delapp took pictures or video of a 15-year-old changing on Oct. 28, 2017. He is accused of doing the same thing to a 20-year-old woman on Dec. 9. That woman’s mother confronted Delapp and attempted to take his phone, but he ran away.

When police made contact with Delapp at his home on Dec. 12 he admitted that he had been at Oak Park Mall on both days and the pickup truck seen in surveillance video belonged to him, but he denied filming anyone without their consent. He told investigators that any pictures taken in the changing room were of himself while he was trying on clothes.

Police say when they searched Delapp’s phone, they found more than 100 pictures from public changing rooms. In at least six photos officers could clearly see females who were either partially nude, in undergarments or in the process of changing clothes in the adjoining changing room.

Prosecutors charged Delapp with two counts of breach of privacy for his alleged actions.

His bond is set at $10,000. He is scheduled to appear in court again on April 11.

Joplin is approximately a two-and-a-half hour drive south of Kansas City.



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