Man arrested after allegedly kidnapping woman in Prairie Village Hy-Vee parking lot


PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. — Detectives in Prairie Village say a man is in jail after allegedly forcing a woman into her car at a Hy-Vee at 76th and State Line, and driving her from Kansas into Missouri on Wednesday night.

The victim wasn’t seriously hurt, but shaken up. Police say the kidnapping happened in the parking lot, and don’t believe she knew her attacker, and may not have seen him due to it being dark outside.

Prairie Village Police Sergeant Adam Taylor says a man approached a woman around 10:30 p.m. Police reports say he forced her into the car, and then drove her from Prairie Village into a location in Kansas City, Mo., where he forced her out of the car and drove on.

“After they located the vehicle, they located the driver, who was taken into custody,” Sgt. Taylor sai

The suspect is in jail and he’ll likely be charged with aggravated kidnapping once he’s sent back to Johnson County, Kan., from Jackson County, Mo.

“What we would like as a community is to be aware and be vigilant of their surroundings all the time,” Sgt. Taylor said.

Parking lots are crowded places right now, with holiday shoppers who may not be paying attention to their surroundings.

“We want everyone to be aware when they’re out there. You never know the innocent people that are preyed upon. You want to make sure everybody is safe, no matter what they’re doing, especially around the holiday season, but also any time of the year,” Sgt. Taylor said.

A spokesperson for Hy-Vee says the company doesn’t comment on ongoing police investigations.



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