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LENEXA, Kan. — A burglar broke into three businesses Wednesday night and ransacked their shops. It happened at a strip center near 95th and Noland.

Victims were spending Thursday cleaning up. The damage to the offices may cost more to repair than the value of what the thief took.

Lenexa police say an alarm went off in a jewelry shop just before midnight. When officers arrived they found someone had forced their way into three businesses, looking for valuables to steal.

Police say the crook stole more than $1,000 worth of collectible coins from the jeweler, but left the other businesses a mess.

The owner of Mini Maids doesn’t understand why anyone would break into her offices, especially since computers and other electronics were left untouched.

“We found our offices, we have three Mini Maids offices that were torn upside down,” said Betty Stewart, owner of Mini Maids. “File cabinets dumped over, chairs dumped out, boxes upside down, all cleaning supplies scattered.”

A short time after the break-ins, Gardner police stopped a stolen pickup truck. The driver had coins and other valuables from the burglaries in his possession.

“We were contacted by Gardner,” said Dan Friesen of the Lenexa police. “Somehow they figured out he came from our area and they were able to piece together the puzzle there, and figured out that he was involved in our burglaries.”

That man is in custody, expected to be charged with the Lenexa break-ins. Friesen says the suspect has family who lives in the area.

The suspect has not been identified until after he’s charged. The Johnson County District Attorney’s office tells FOX 4 News prosecutors are still reviewing police reports from the case.