Man arriving home to downtown KC loft hears gunfire on NYE, finds windows shattered by rifle rounds

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Police say a rifle-firing, New Year’s Eve reveler blasted several rounds into a Kansas City man’s downtown loft. Investigators say it happened at the Union Carbide Building near Baltimore and 9th Street.

Police say they are confident they will find the person who fired several rifle rounds into a man’s ninth-floor loft.

“They might have been having fun, but what they did was really dumb and it’s dangerous,” said Sergeant Mike Foster.

Police say shortly after midnight Sunday, somebody fired a high-powered rifle at the loft building as a way to celebrate and ring in the New Year. But police say amid all the gunfire, several rounds shattered the windows to a man’s loft. Another rifle round pierced his bedroom wall.

Investigators say the victim actually heard the gunshots as he returned home from a party.

Detectives are talking to witnesses and they say right now they have good leads that they hope will lead them to the shooter.

“It’s something that has to be taken seriously and to show people, yes, you can be charged for this. You can get into trouble for this. This not just some simple property crime you know you damage, that you just shot up. This is somebody that you could have killed,” said Sgt. Foster.

Police say at this point they’re focusing on one person they want to question about the loft shooting.

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