Man blames violent, fiery outburst on ‘possessed homosexual demon’


Jeremy Anderson’s booking photo (Courtesy: KFOR)

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – He burned a Bible, ripped taser probes off of his body and threatened to fist fight cops. In the aftermath 22-year-old Jeremy Anderson had a bizarre explanation for his actions; he met a ‘possessed homosexual demon’ and couldn’t believe he let the demon touch him.

Affiliate KFOR reports that officers were dispatched to Anderson’s apartment on Wednesday after neighbors reported ‘a person going ballistic.’ The caller also said that he had kicked an apartment door off of its hinges, poured salt and soap on his body and was breaking glass.

When officers arrived they found Anderson covered in blood and shouting random things, which led an officer to observe that Anderson was, “clearly out of touch with reality.”

KFOR reports that Anderson did not go into custody quietly. He reportedly threw glass objects and furniture through his busted door and windows. When officers first tried to taze him, he mocked them by ripping the probes off and exclaiming that the tazer wouldn’t affect him.

Officers got their break when they used a sledgehammer to break through his door. The apartment was filled with smoke from a small fire that Anderson started because he set a Bible on fire. A scuffle ensued and eventually the tazers did work and Anderson was subdued.

When interviewed at the hospital Anderson said he hadn’t done anything wrong and was simply remodeling his house.

He later claimed that his actions came about after he met the aforementioned ‘possessed homosexual demon’ who wanted to purchase drugs and perform sexual acts on him. He also said that he, “wasn’t gay, just high,” after coming to his senses. Anderson now faces a first-degree arson charge, though more charges could be added.

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