RAYTOWN, Mo. — The Raytown Police Department arrested a man who pulled out a gun and turned toward officers after a chase that resulted from a theft at a Walmart.

According to the department, on Oct. 7, a Walmart employee notified an off-duty officer that an unknown man had taken the tag off a hooded sweatshirt, put it on and walked toward the exit.

The off-duty officer tried to detain the man, but the man ran from the officer through the parking lot. The officer then broadcasted the information to on-duty officers who headed to the scene.

The officers found the man walking north toward 350 Highway and they approached him and turned on his vehicle lights.

The man threw off the stolen hooded sweatshirt and ran by the nearby Popeye’s restaurant.

The officers pulled into the parking lot and made verbal commands, but the man did not comply.

As the officers approached the man, the man pulled out a tan handgun with an extended magazine from his waistband and turned toward the officers.

One of the officers already had a Taser pulled and fired it, then dropped it to draw his firearm. The Taser caused the man to drop his gun and lift his arms. He was taken into custody.

The gun was recovered with a loaded magazine and one round in the chamber. The man is charged with unlawful use of a handgun, resisting arrest and larceny.