BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — A 48-year-old Blue Springs man is facing charges in connection to setting a fire to a home and resulted in the death of a 60-year-old Blue Springs woman.

Anthony D. Jordan was charged Thursday with first-degree arson, causing serious physical injury or death, according to Jackson County prosecutors.

FOX4 spoke with the husband of the woman killed in the fire. They lived in the duplex for 20 years and were married for 42 years.

He said they were best friends with one heart, and now one half is missing.

According to court documents, a fire damaged a residence in the 700 block of SW 36th Terrace in Blue Springs that was occupied by Dawn M. Bashor. She was taken to an area hospital where she died Wednesday from burn and inhalation injuries.

Most of the damage is to the back of the duplex. Her husband was able to escape that side of the building.

Fire investigators said the people on the other side of the duplex where the fire started managed to escape without being hurt. 

During the investigation, it was discovered that the fire started in the basement garage of an apartment. The fire was intentionally set by someone setting clothing on fire. Documents say there was a strong gasoline odor present in several areas of the basement.

Jordon was taken into custody at the scene for an active warrant. He was also seen inside the structure before the fire started.

The suspect admitted to pouring lighter fluid in the basement of his apartment on some clothing. He stated he then took the clothing to an area near an open garage door and started the fire with a lighter.

Jordan stated to detectives he did not intend for the fire to burn the residence. He stated he tried to put the fire out before going upstairs to bed and was unaware of how much time had passed when he started the fire in the basement and when he noticed the residence was on fire.

The suspect said he was under the influence of alcohol when he set the clothing on fire because he was mad at an ex-girlfriend.

“We’ve never had a fire, anything like that,” Neighbor Tracy said. “So, it was shocking.”

“It’s scary, it’s scary to know that someone that close could cause something like that,” Tracy said. “It could have lit up that whole block, that whole side of the street.”

She’s lived on this street for four years. She said it’s an otherwise friendly and quiet neighborhood, but not that morning. 

Several people FOX4 talked to said they didn’t know the woman who passed away well, but their hearts are with the family.

“I would just like to extend my prayers,” Tracy said. “It’s definitely something very sad and unexpected for that to happen like that. And I just hope that, you know if it was like the news said, suspicious, or anything like that, hopefully they find a good reason to what caused that fire.”

Prosecutors have requested Jordan be held on a $250,000 bond.