KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Clay County, Missouri, prosecutors have charged a 56-year-old Kansas City man in connection to a drug house operation near an elementary school.

Clarence Greenwood is charged with distribution of a controlled substance in a protected location and keeping or maintaining a public nuisance.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office said Monday it has been working hard for the last several months to shut down the drug house near NE 51st Terrace and N. Highland Avenue.

On Saturday, Kansas City officials arrested Greenwood after serving a search warrant on the house.

Kansas City codes officers observed numerous violations at the house that made it unfit for habitation. All residents had to leave, and it was boarded up.

The sheriff’s office said deputies will continue to check on the house to ensure no one has returned to conduct illegal activity.

Back in July, court documents say a Clay County deputy stated he was on an unrelated call in the area when he saw a red Dodge Ram at the home and witnessed what appeared to be a hand to hand narcotics transaction.

Once the man that walked up to the Dodge noticed the deputy, he walked away through a small fence on the side of the house and the driver of the Dodge drove away.

On Oct. 7, deputies attempted to stop a vehicle leaving the house which resulted in a chase and the suspect driving into Kansas, according to court documents.

On Oct. 17, Kansas City police stopped a vehicle leaving the house after dropping someone off. During a search of the vehicle, narcotics paraphernalia was located.

On Oct. 24, deputies stopped a vehicle leaving the house, according to court documents. The driver told deputies that “Lee” was selling meth from the house but did not have any on him at the time and would call him when he “reupped.”

During the search warrant on Saturday, court documents say deputies located what appeared to be methamphetamine on a table in the basement where Greenwood was known to reside.

He’s being held in Clay County jail on a $100,000 bond.