Court docs: Man made illegal fireworks in OP apartment

Douglas Smith

Douglas Smith

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PLATTE COUNTY, Mo. — An Overland Park, Kan., man has been charged with the felony sale of illegal explosives after he was found to make dynamite sticks with old beer cans.

According to court documents, Douglas Smith made illegal fireworks at his apartment in Overland Park, in the 10500 block of Goddard, and sold them to people around the metro.

“You find out someone’s doing something like that and you’re just — makes you weary,” said neighbor Brandon Mitchell. “Any number of things could have gone wrong and the whole place could have gone up just because of one mistake he made.”

The Platte County Sheriff’s Office was tipped off to someone who had “illegal explosives” inside their home there and who said they had purchased them from Smith two weeks earlier.

Authorities placed a phone call to Smith to order more explosives and later sent a confidential informant to pay him, court documents stated.

Smith showed up with his delivery and, after exchanging cash with the informant, he was taken into custody, court documents revealed.

When authorities searched Smith’s car, they found more than $5,600 in cash, a semi-automatic handgun, a prescription bottle filled with, initial tests showed to be, cocaine, “numerous” empty beer bottles, more explosives and a notebook with names of people who owed him money.

In all, 169 quarter sticks of homemade dynamite, 23 half sticks of homemade dynamite and 24 one pound explosive devices were found by local and federal officials.

According to court documents, Smith admitted to making the beer bottle explosives and said he expected to make “approximately $5,000 to $7,000 in profit after his expenses had been covered.”

It’s unknown how many of these homemade explosives he sold to people, documents stated.

Smith also faces a charge of felony of a controlled substance. He has been released on bond and is expected to appear in court next month. FOX 4’s Robert Townsend knocked on a door at an address listed for Smith but there was no answer.

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