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LANSING, Kan. — An inmate was convicted of escaping from the Lansing Correctional Facility after police say he aided in his own capture.

Dustin Frank Robinson, 32, escaped from minimum security at the prison on July 3, 2019. Investigators said he was able to scale a 20-foot fence that also contained two sections of barbed wire. According to court documents, Robinson cut his hand during the prison break.

Robinson told investigators he ran nearly ten miles until he began feeling “woozy” from the cut. That’s when he stopped at a laundry mat and called 911 for help. Emergency crews picked him up and transported him to a nearby hospital.

Kansas City, Kansas, police caught up to Robinson at the hospital about nine hours after he escaped from the prison and took him into custody.

Robinson was originally serving a sentence for aggravated assault, fleeing police, robbery and DUI out of Shawnee County, Kansas.