Man finds $127,000 in desk he bought at auction then does something extraordinary

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BOSTON — A Boston man bought a desk at an auction. As he searched for a missing knob, he found something much more valuable.

He discovered $127,000 in mature savings bonds tucked away in hidden compartments.

“We found 50s, and then we found 100s, 200s, 500s, and then we found a stack of six $10,000 bonds,” Phil LeClerc said.

LeClerc paid $40 for the desk. He returned to the place he bought the desk to track down the owner, who needed the money from the auction to help his 94-year-old father.

“This man was getting his dad’s house ready for sale so he could pay for his care. It’s a lot of money! I mean, it’s going to change their lives. Completely change their lives,” Marg-E Kelley of Kelley Auctions said.

As for the missing knob, LeClerc never found it.

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