Man found dead in laundry room at KCK apartment complex

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A  Kansas City, Kansas man wants the person who shot his brother to admit what happened to police. Police found a man dead inside an apartment building laundry room before sunrise Sunday.

Officers say the 911 call to an apartment building off W 42nd Avenue and Lloyd Street came in just before 5 a.m. Someone reported hearing shots coming from the laundry area, and police said several rounds went into an apartment near that utility room.

Police haven’t yet released the name of the victim, but describe him as a “white, Hispanic male in his mid-40s.” Fox 4 spoke with Vincent Juarez. He said the victim is his brother, 43-year-old Steven Juarez. Vincent said he hadn’t spoken with his brother in awhile, but Sunday morning’s news mean he’ll never get to again.

Vincent said, “It just hits you all at one time, you know? When you hear the news, it doesn’t really settle in. It’s not really even settled in yet. My mother called me and said my brother got shot. I just found out that he’s gone.”

Vincent’s wife Margie Juarez (the victim’s sister-in-law) and their daughter were with him this morning when he got the news. The family plans to rely on one another to handle the shock. Margie said, “Right now, family is what we need. The love and support from family, because now it kind of makes you feel like, makes you think tomorrow you can not be here.”

Vincent said some time has gone by since he last talked with Steven, and that is something he’ll regret long after police complete their investigation. Vincent said, “Just like any family, we all grow old and grow apart. Now we’ll never have that chance to see him again.”

Officers say neighbors are working with investigators to help piece together what happened. Check back here for updates to this story.



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