Man Found Not Guilty of Attack at Abortion Clinic

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A woman protesting at a Kansas City, Kansas abortion clinic says the clinic manager attacked her, but a judge disagrees. It all started with a scuffle outside an abortion clinic back in November.

Wednesday, the case went to court but the municipal court judge found the abortion clinic manager not guilty of attacking the protester. The fight started because a clinic manager was taking a picture of the abortion protester’s license plate and there was apparently a fight over the camera. In November, Mary Anne Sause gave FOX 4 an account of what happened.

“He picked me up and body slammed me into the ground,” Sause said.

A witness gave FOX 4 a similar description of the fight. saying the man ‘flipped her like you would in a wrestling move onto the ground.’

However in court on Wednesday, Sause says the judge made the case more about her beliefs than about the battery charge.

“I was scrutinized about my pro life stand,” she says, “I do fight for God and the unborn in silent peaceful prayerful presence known.”

Sause says in the end the judge found the clinic manager Mark Pederson not guilty because Sause says the witnesses didn’t support her version of events.

“Their stories obviously changed, yes,” she says, “The judge said it appears to him I fell.”

Witness Kyle Nelson tells FOX 4 that his story didn’t change.

“I saw what I saw,” he says.

Nelson says he told the judge what he saw appeared to be more of a wrestle over the clinic manager’s camera. In fact at first he thought what he was seeing was a robbery and then he says he did see Sause hit the ground. But Nelson says to him what this is really about is how people should or shouldn’t treat each other.

“I think it’s a case where two people who are passionate about what they believe crossed the line. I think they need to reevaluate how they feel about each other and humanity in general and if they believe in what they’re standing for then they’ll act more appropriately next time,” Nelson says.

Sause tells FOX 4 she is asking the city prosecutor Vicky Myers to appeal the judge’s decision. The clinic manager’s attorney says an appeal would be a waste of time, adding that his client Mark Pederson was clearly not guilty.

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