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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Another terrible Fourth of July accident left one man without a hand. Police say the man lost his hand after setting off a half stick of dynamite.

It happened at 36th and Bales in Kansas City, Missouri.

Neighbors say a lot of families were lighting off fireworks at the time of the incident.

Police say a man took the celebration a step further by setting off a half stick of dynamite near his home.

When it exploded, it blew off one of his hands.

Kameron Williams, a teenager who lives nearby, says he saw the whole thing.

“All of his friends and his family were running around him trying to check him but then they saw that his hand was gone so they went crazy and we went down there and looked and my mom being a nurse had to go down there to help,” said Williams who witnessed the dynamite accident.

First responders described the man’s injuries as life threatening.