Man on Disability Battles B of A to Keep His Home

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A man says a big bank wants him to pay up or lose his home.

William Sandridge said he’s been in a complicated mess for seven years now with Bank of America.  He said  he has all the paperwork to back up his story.

That story starts seven years ago.  Sandridge said he owned his home, but his mortgage broker at that time thought he should refinance. Sandridge said she forged his name on a loan when he was not present and claims she  then took off with the loan money.  Bank of America eventually owned that loan note — and has come after him for payment more than once.

“It’s a real nightmare, I’ve been attempted foreclosed on three times now,” Sandridge said.

This last time, Sandridge and his attorney, Conrad Miller, filed for bankruptcy to stop the foreclosure.  In a lawsuit filed as part of that bankruptcy, they got a judge to rule in their favor that the bank’s claim is invalid.

That was a year ago.

Sandridge said Bank of America had one year to respond and if they didn’t, this nightmare would have been all over. But just two days before last Friday’s deadline, the bank responded with its own motion to set aside that ruling.

“It’s amazing that they waited that long to file some documents. There’s really no excuse for it,” Sandridge said.

Sandridge said the bank is asking for more than $87,000.   He said that’s more than what he thinks his 1950’s home is worth right now and a lot more than what he has.

“I’m on disability.  All I get is $700 a month.  I have no savings,” he said.

No savings and he worries soon, it might be no home to come home to.

“I don’t have anywhere else to move. Scary it’s reality, it’s happened to thousands and thousands of people and it just about happened to me,” Sandridge said.

Bank of America tells FOX 4 in a statement, “Due to pending litigation we are unable to comment on this case. An investigation is ongoing. There is no foreclosure sale date set at this time.”

Bank of America also said in its statement the loan was originated by an independent mortgage broker.  That broker is the person who advised the borrower on loan products and collects information – not the mortgage firm Bank of America absorbed.  It said that is how the bank came to hold Sandridge’s note.

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