Man pleads guilty to failing to provide adequate animal care after leaving dog in hot car outside Kauffman Stadium

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The man who is accused of leaving his dog in a hot car at Kauffman Stadium in late June pleaded guilty Tuesday to failing to provide adequate animal care.

Joshua Bluford, 20, was  assessed a $48 fine, which he paid and sentenced to 180 days in jail SES (suspended execution of sentence), two years probation and 90 hours community service and ordered not to own a dog.

According to charging documents, Bluford left his dog unattended in a vehicle when outside temperatures were above 90 degrees.

In a previous report, FOX 4’s Judy Le reported that Bluford’s 8-week-old puppy had been locked in a car in the parking lot of Kauffman Stadium when Royals fans came to the rescue.

Michael Warner was walking back to his car with family when he heard a whimpering. He eventually found the source was the puppy stuck in a car with the windows barely cracked.

“First I was like, there better not be a baby in a car. I walked over and started looking through cars. I found this blue car that had a little puppy in the back seat,” Warner told FOX 4 in a previous interview.

He and his family left that game early when he heard the puppy’s cries for help. He then told his brother Josh Lee, wife Erin and 5-year-old son Hudson to start searching for the source.

“We’re leaving because we were outside and that hot. Now, we come across a dog stuck in a car,” Josh Lee said.

“The puppy was hot, his body as hot, his mouth was dry. It was really sad,” Erin Lee said.

Josh called 911, Erin flagged down Royals staff members, and when given the go, Warner pulled down the window that was cracked just enough for his hand to fit through.

“When I pulled him out, his paws were bright red,” Warner described.

A spokesman for the Royals told FOX 4 that animals are rescued from a hot car three to four times a year. Only service animals are allowed in the stadium. There’s no policy that prohibits animals from being brought to the sports complex. That’s why there’s now a petition to hopefully change that.

“There was no breeze in the parking lot, you’re in the middle of a parking lot, there’s no shade. It was easily 20 to 30 degrees hotter than it was outside. It was over 100 degrees inside that car,” Warner said.

Warner said he’s glad he decided to leave when he did. The game went into extra innings. That puppy stayed overnight with a Royals employee, and then was later turned over to KC Pet Project.

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