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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Missouri man made it two-blocks after he was released from jail before he was arrested for a new crime, according to Kansas City police.

Officers said 63 year-old Luwayne B. Zundel was released from jail around noon on Friday, June 18. Investigators said he left the Shoal Creek Patrol Division and went two blocks to the parking lot of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints Temple.

Investigators said Zundel ran into a 26-year-old police officer in the temple’s parking lot. The off-duty officer and his father were hooking up a trailer. Police said while the men were busy, Zundel got into the truck and started to drive away.

The off-duty officer climbed into the truck and struggled with Zundel. As the truck rolled through the parking lot, the off-duty officer said Zundel kept his foot on the accelerator, even as he tried to gouge the officer’s eyes. He was eventually able to get his foot on the brake. His father then pulled Zundel out of the truck. The two men held Zundel until officers arrived and arrested him.

The off-duty officer had minor injuries after the incident. Tire tracks in the parking lot showed the struggle.

Zundel has been charged with second-degree robbery and 3rd– and 4th-degree assault.