Man says teens on Plaza ‘mobbed’ him, throwing punches and knocking him down during attack

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City man says he's shaken up after a group of teenagers surrounded him, mugged him, and punched him on the plaza Saturday night. Jeff Gulley says he was "mobbed" and described that dozens of kids surrounding him, taking his things, punching him, and knocking him to the ground.

“I ride a recumbent tricycle at night through The Plaza, Downtown, Westport, and it`s quite a scene because it has a lot of LED lights that flash, and lots of music playing,” Gulley described.

Maybe you've seen Gulley around town on his tricycle.

“I go all around The Plaza, and wave at all the people in the restaurants and bars,” Gulley added.

Saturday night around 10:15, Gulley says his usual ride turned ugly. He says dozens of kids surrounded him by the J.C. Nichols Fountain.

“I knew I was in trouble, because when I had gotten halfway around the fountain, some of the kids sitting on one of the benches at the fountain kicked my bike, they did something, I couldn`t see behind me,” Gulley said.

He's guessing the teens were between ages 13 and 16.

“I got very angry when they ripped my trunk bag off the back of the bike, and they ran away with it, and of course, that thing has my phone, my wallet... everything else in there,” added Gulley.

Gulley says he got off of his tricycle, which exposed his medical condition that causes him to have tremors makes it difficult to walk.

“The people there started to say, 'oh give the cripple his bike back, and his stuff back,'" said Gulley.

He says a couple of girls took pity on him and he got most of his stuff back, but then it got physical.

“When I got off the bike and realized, hey I just walked away from my trike, if I don`t get back on it, they might take it. I walked back to it and a couple of them came up behind me and punched me, and knocked me to the ground,” he said.

Gulley says they got away with his Bluetooth speakers, a portable phone charger, and they broke some parts off the back of his trike.

“I was scared, I mean, don`t break my bike please, because it`s an awful long walk home,  and I don`t get to carry a stick with me on the trike, so I`d never make it,” Gulley said.

Gulley says one girl and one boy in the group helped get his things back, and asked if he was okay.

He says given the warm weather on Saturday, police should have had a stronger presence like they do in the summer. Gulley filed a police report and he says police are still investigating.



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