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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Of the nine people shot at Tequila KC Bar, five made it out alive.

One victim who is sharing his story with FOX4 described the scene as something straight out of a horror movie.

Michael Barajas was with his cousin playing pool at Tequila KC early Sunday morning, totally unaware of the terror that was about to unfold — until gunshots caught his attention.

“I heard about three or four shots. I looked up in that direction and about that time, I seen him aiming at me,” Barsajas said. “I seen him come towards my way. I seen the gun fire.”

“About the time I see the fire come out the gun, then I felt the hit in my arm. It felt like I got hit with a bus, just almost knocked me to the floor.”

The bullet traveled through Barajas’s shoulder and broke his shoulder blade. The bullet is still in his body.

Shocked he was hit, Barajas described seeing people falling as the shooters continued firing through the crowded bar.

“Man, it was it was crazy! It’s something that’s going to be hard to unseen.” Barajas said. “That’s something that just plays over and over.”

He and his cousin ran out the back door to get away from the barrage of bullets. Another victim followed them, holding his chest.

“He pulled his hand back and his chest just started gushing, and he fell on the ground right there in front of me,” Barajas said. “His wife started going crazy. Everybody just was screaming.”

Surrounded by chaos, this father of three said he was thinking of his children, determined to make it home.

“It’s just, I was close to death. I feel like a couple inches in a different direction, I could’ve got hit in my head, could’ve got hit in my stomach, my chest. You know a bad place,” Barajas said.

“I wish everybody could’ve made it out of there alive,” he continued. “I just feel bad, and in a way I feel selfish, you know, that I got out and a lot of people didn’t. It’s definitely a bad feeling especially to see the people, to see the people hit the floor and see the people die in that. That sucks.”

Barajas works in construction, so this injury has sidelined him for an indefinite period of time. He also has no insurance.

It is going to be a long road to recovery for him and if you would like to help, a GoFundMe page has been set up here.