Man Stops Attempted Robbery Near Plaza

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A man is behind bars after he tried to rob a man who was walking on the Plaza. The attempted robbery happened near Main & Ward Parkway early Sunday morning.

The suspect pulled up near the victim in a black Ford Crown Victoria. Police say Robert Mays jumped out of the car and pulled a shotgun on the victim and demanded he turn over whatever he had.

Th victim pulled out his keys and wallet and held them in the air. Once the suspect got close to the victim he bent down to put his belongings on the ground. The suspect bent down to pick up the man’s wallet and the victim grabbed the barrel of the shotgun and pushed it away and knocked the suspect to the ground.

He then got on top of the suspect and held him down until officers arrived.

Robert Mays has been charged with 1st degree attempted armed robbery.



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