Man shoots robbery suspect after being transferred to voicemail during 911 call

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PORT RICHEY, Fla. — A robbery last week left a homeowner fending for himself and family momentarily after he was transferred to voicemail when he called 911. FOX affiliate WTVT reports that a dispatcher tried to route his call from the fire department to the police department, but the victim got voicemail just as the robbers entered the home.

WTVT reports he then shot one of the robbers before he was put back in touch with a dispatcher. He said that two women in the house had been hurt and a robbery was taking place. Pasco County released a timeline claiming that emergency dispatch wasn’t hindered by the transfer issue, but also said they are working the ensure the same thing doesn’t happen again.

There were a total of four robbers in the incident, three were captured including the man who was shot by the homeowner.

LISTEN: 911 dispatch audio from WTVT: 



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