Man tries selling himself on eBay for $1.50

man tries to sell himself on ebay

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — For sale on eBay: a balding white guy. Or, at least he was for sale.

Steve Sewell is an unemployed 58-year-old British man who unsuccessfully tried to sell himself for $1.50 (99p if you’re into currency exchange.)

Despite all of his best efforts, Sewell didn’t have a single bid.

“I’ve had all sorts of jobs throughout my life, ranging from labouring to testing toilet paper. My family said I’m worth more than 99p but desperate times call for desperate measures,” he told the Daily Mail.

The man blamed piling bills and that he was “getting desperate now.”

Although his family laughed at the whole thing, Sewell hopes to get some offers from the publicity.

Read more, including the full ad, from the Daily Mail

UPDATE: It appears Sewell has re-listed his ad and the current bid is now $22,800 USD.

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