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WICHITA, Kan. — A partial recount of the “Value Them Both” amendment cost nearly $120,000.

Kansas Republican Assembly President Mark Gietzen paid that tab to the Secretary of State’s Office on a number of different credit cards.

“That credit card is out floating around,” Gietzen said of the KRA credit card Tuesday in an interview with FOX4. “I’m going to have to change it. I’m going to have to change it later, but usually I don’t worry about that because usually there’s never that much money in the account.”

Gietzen thinks there was fraud in the August 2 Primary, even though there’s been no evidence of significant problems with this election. Statewide, the “Value Them Both” amendment lost by more than 165,000 votes that day.

“I don’t know,” Gietzen said when asked whether the partial recount will change the results dealing with the abortion amendment. “That wasn’t really the reason we went forward with the recount. We think the election system is broken.”

Nine counties have been asked by Melissa Leavitt of Colby, Kansas to do a recount. The counties Leavitt asked to do a recount were Lyon, Sedgwick, Shawnee, Thomas, Johnson, Douglas, Jefferson, Harvey and Crawford. Wyandotte was not asked to be a part of the recount.

“I won’t say frustrated. I’m exhausted,” JOCO Election Commissioner Fred Sherman in a news conference Tuesday at his Olathe office. “A lot of the folks that have been working for this election are exhausted.”

Leavitt got the funds needed to secure the partial recount through Gietzen. Sherman said the results in his county are accurate. 69% of people voted no in Johnson County. 31% voted yes, a difference of 92,000 votes. Total, 256,000 Johnson County residents voted in the August 2 primary.

“This is almost like doing an iron man triathlon and then having to add on another marathon at the end I guess,” Sherman continued. “So, it is quite a gargantuan process, but it is part of the election process and procedures in the state of Kansas.”

In Douglas County, Clerk Jamie Shew oversees elections. His workers are doing a hand recount as well as the workers in Johnson. 47,000 people voted on this amendment in Douglas county. 81% of the people voted no. 19% voted yes, a difference of 29,000. The hand recount, according to Shew, may change just a couple of votes.

“I’m very confident,” Shew said when asked about his results. “We use a lot of checks and balances in the election process. I’m very confident. This isn’t going to swing the race where suddenly Douglas County votes yes.”

Kansas Director of Elections Bryan Caskey, who works for Republican Secretary of State Scott Schwab, does not believe the recount will change the results of the “Value Them Both” amendment either.

“I believe the recount will show Kansas elections are done securely, and transparently,” he said in a news conference over zoom Tuesday. “It will validate the unofficial election night results we had on election night, and the official results that were certified by the counties earlier this week and last.”

Caskey said the recount results from the nine counties have to be done by Saturday. Sherman hopes his results are done by Friday.

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