KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Missouri Lottery player decided to buy some scratchers tickets in Kansas City and give one to his best friend of over 50 years. The gift ended up being a $50,000 winning ticket.

“My best friend for over 50 years had come by with some scratchers and told me, ‘here, pick one,’ and I did,” the winner shared to the Missouri Lottery.

The winner told the Missouri Lottery he waited until later in the evening to play the ticket. When he quickly realized what had happened, he was eager to share the news with his lifelong friend.

“I walked across the street, and I beat on his door and got him out of bed,” he told the Missouri Lottery. “Then I told him, ‘Well, here. Look at this, man.’”

 His friend stated, “You know what, we have to call the Lottery.”

The winner said he plans to use some of the winnings to pay it forward and help out his longtime friend.

“His vehicle just broke down, so I’m gonna take care of that for him,” he told the Missouri Lottery.

The winning ticket was sold at ZH & Sons LLC off N. Oak Trafficway in Kansas City.