Man with metro ties, living in China, could lose job and family due to coronavirus outbreak


MISSION, Kan. — The Coronavirus isn’t only affecting the financial markets here in the U.S., but also stalling economies across the globe.

China, where the Coronavirus originated, is especially affected, and Americans working in China might be worried about an uncertain future.

John Fields has been living in China and working as an English teacher there for 20 years. His mom, Liz Craig, said the Coronavirus is affecting his employment and could cause Fields to be deported back to America.

Fields is married to a Chinese woman and is raising his step-daughter. It’s a nice life that Fields enjoys — but his mom said it’s in danger of collapsing.

“I think the Coronavirus was a surprise to everyone. And this situation began with the coronavirus, and it’s gotten worse since,” Craig said. “It’s impacted all types of businesses over there including his. They’re just not doing business.”

Fields is an English teacher, working at Wall Street English, living about 30 minutes outside of Shanghai.

His mom said since the Coronavirus outbreak, Wall Street English shut its doors and is only operating online. Fields’ salary was cut by 50%, his mom said.

Fields is afraid he will soon be unemployed and potentially deported.

“If he loses that job, he needs to have a large sum of money to convince the Chinese authorities that he has enough money to support himself and his family,” Craig said.

Craig spoke to her son Thursday, and she said he told her he needs to bank more than $140,000 to stay in China unemployed and prove to the government he has the money to support his family.

If he’s deported, Craig believes her son will be forced to leave his family behind.

“I am I am distraught about it. It just seems so hopeless, and I wish I could do more,” Craig said.

A PayPal account under the name Jonathan Wesley Fields has been set up for donations.

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