Man’s home in Sugar Creek marked ‘uninhabitable’ after police called out 36 times

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SUGAR CREEK, Mo. — A man living in Sugar Creek says he just wants to be left alone, while his neighbors say he’s a nuisance and have mounted numerous complaints against him.

So far this year, police have been called 36 times to Dale Cooper’s house. Last month a judge found Cooper, 20, guilty of failing to appear in court on charges of peace disturbance and accumulation of rubbish.

Police say they have received repeated complaints about loud disturbances at his home. Neighbors also want him ordered to clean up the old tires, bathroom sink, big pieces of wood and other debris around his yard.

Cooper says he and eight former roommates took over the house after his grandmother died last year.

“At a time we were nuisances, trouble-makers, but you know, stay up late, partiers, but now? But now people were living here, we’re laid back,” Cooper said.

Last month the city slapped notices on the residence, determining it was uninhabitable. Cooper says he’s now living out of his truck.

“I think if he can control the way it’s been and if he can keep quiet, I think he should be able to stay,” said Trevor Holt, a neighbor.

Next week, Cooper heads back to court to answer to eight new, similar charges.

“Truth be told, all I want to do is to be left alone on this block,” Cooper said.




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