Many outraged with decision to only ticket 2 drivers involved in Overland Park crash that injured 4 girls

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Not everyone is happy that police are issuing only traffic tickets to two drivers involved in last week’s crash that injured four girls on their way to school.

Many people are telling police the drivers should face more serious charges.

Overland Park police say they’ve been taking calls from as far away as Pennsylvania to California, with many people asking if the drivers are behind bars. The traffic camera video released by police last week has disturbed people.

Police say many ask if the westbound drivers were intoxicated as video shows them going through the intersection of 87th and Grant streets as the light turned red. Police say alcohol was not involved in the crash. A woman who identified herself as a cousin of the injured girls has posted on Facebook that she too believes punishment should be more than just a traffic ticket.

“It’s going to be a fine,” said John Lacy of the Overland Park police department. “I know people want more. We even had a lady call up and wanted the two drivers to be charged with attempted murder. But that’s not the case. What we are looking at is an accident. Right now the two girls that are still in the hospital, they are recovering. But everyone will be okay in the long run.”

Lacy says the Johnson County district attorney did review the case, but police say right now they are moving forward with the municipal charge of disobeying a red light.  That carries about a $150 fine.

Many are also concerned about the injuries to the three sisters and the girls’ cousin. A Facebook fundraiser set up to pay medical expenses for all of them already has raised more than $14,000. The page shows a photo of one girl in a head brace and says she is recovering from a fractured neck.

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