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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Local government leaders from across the metro area say they’re trying to coordinate efforts to stem the latest surge of COVID-19.

The Mid-America Regional Council’s multi agency coordination group says it’s time for private business leaders to step up and help a health care system that’s having difficulty providing proper care to patients.
Government leaders say they need to be asking businesses why they don’t have an employee mask policy during this difficult time.

Members of the group say there continue to be large gatherings scheduled where hundreds of people are in one place or sharing meals, and the group says that is not helping ease capacity issues metro area hospitals currently face.

MARC has created a new category on its Covid data hub, saying the region is now at “Extremely High Risk” from the virus.

Johnson County, Kan., officials say they’re working to open more Covid testing locations.
And Wyandotte County’s public health department says more than 60 percent of its Covid tests are now coming back positive.

Contact tracing is no longer taking place anywhere in the metro, public health officials say. The numbers are just too high.

This group says by continuing to spread the message that health care workers need help, they hope to change attitudes and encourage more responsible behavior.