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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Dozens of people marched from the Liberty Memorial to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo. Sunday to push for legalizing medical marijuana. They’re fighting for medical cannabis to be available in both Kansas and Missouri.

Christine Bay from Lenexa helped organize the event. Her daughter, Autumn, suffers from Sodium Channelopathy, a genetic disorder, that causes her to have chronic seizures.

“She is in the ICU at Children’s Mercy at least a couple times a month,” said Bay. “We’ve almost had to say goodbye to her several times.”

Bay is pushing for legally produced medical cannabis oil in Missouri and Kansas. She said the oil could be the answer to her daughter’s pain.

“It’s a possibility to be able to control her seizures and for her to live a semi-normal life,” she said.

Just last week Missouri Governor Jay Nixon signed House Bill 2238. It paves the way for legally produced medical cannabis oil, or ‘CBD’ oil, in Missouri. The legislation makes it legal for people with epilepsy to be treated with the hemp extract. The bill also allows the department of agriculture to start growing industrial hemp for research purposes.

“It is basically the first time that cannabis is going to legally be grown in Missouri since before prohibition of marijuana began,” said Amber Langston with the Show-Me Cannabis Foundation. “We’re seeing up to 85% effectiveness for the CBD oil on these seizures and you know these are patients out of time,” she said.

Langston said it will likely be another year before the oil is available for use in epilepsy patients.