KANSAS CITY, Mo. — One of Kansas City’s most well-known drill teams is heading into its first event this weekend without the drums that went missing earlier this year.

FOX4 previously reported on the missing drums last week, when board members accused a former band leader of taking the instruments when he split with the group.

Now, Marching Cobras Board Member Pat Clarke tells FOX4 the organization had to use $3,000 to purchase five drums and equipment so that at least some of the group’s roughly 15 members can play.

“We’re going to keep marching, we’re going to continue to be the Willie Arthur Smith Marching Cobras,” said Clarke. “This is what the babies, and the Marching Cobras have to work with. When you have 15 drummers and only five kits, you got to take the drums off, ‘Your turn, your turn.’ That ain’t cool.”

If you know where the drums might be, you can reach the Kansas City Marching Cobras at (816) 833-9311 or marchingcobraskcmo2023@gmail.com.