KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It was the police raid heard round the world, and it happened on a Friday night in tiny Marion, Kansas.

On this week’s edition of “4 The People,” the publisher and co-owner of the Marion County Record remembers the police raid with a search warrant to seize computers, routers, phones and more. Eric Meyer talks about the raid, what may have been behind it, and the death of his co-owner and mother, 98-year-old Joan Meyer.

Then, the attorney for the Record, Bernie Rhodes, talks about the law and the constitution, and what he believes is at stake.

Rhodes also discusses his efforts to help retrieve the property that is currently being reviewed by a computer forensics expert, after it was returned to the Record, and the prospects for litigation. The matter is not resolved, and we’ll find out why.

Our efforts to get a comment from Marion’s Police Chief Gideon Cody were unsuccessful in spite of multiple attempts.