Mass grave containing 100 bodies found in town south of Mosul, Iraq says


MOSUL, IRAQ – NOVEMBER 7: Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government’s peshmerga forces attack Daesh terrorists as they move towards Bashiqa center during the operation to clear Bashiqa Town from Daesh terrorists, in Mosul, Iraq on November 7, 2016. A much anticipated Mosul offensive to liberate the city from Daesh began midnight of 16th of October 2016. (Photo by Yunus Keles/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

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MOSUL, Iraq — A mass grave containing the remains of about 100 beheaded civilians has been discovered inside a school in a town south of Mosul, Iraq’s military said in a statement Monday. The mass grave was found by Iraqi forces in the School of Agriculture on the outskirts of Hammam al-Alil, a town that was recaptured from ISIS on Monday, Iraq’s Joint Military Command said.

A forensics team from Baghdad will investigate the site on Tuesday. Rasool says the state of the bodies made it difficult to tell by their clothes if they were soldiers or civilians.

IS has carried out several massacres since it swept into northern and central Iraq in the summer of 2014, often documenting them with photos and videos circulated online.

Iraqi forces launched a massive operation last month to drive the extremists from Mosul and surrounding areas.



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