Massive tree toppled onto Kansas City man’s home as he drove down the street

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In Kansas City, the severe weather has been uprooting huge shade trees all over the place. Wet weather and storms are wreaking havoc. One man came home Wednesday to find a giant tree crashing right onto his house.

“This is crazy. This is unreal,” said Brian Rex, a certified arborist with Arbor Masters Tree & Landscape.

Verdez Ketchum was coming down his street when it all happened.

“I heard some crackling,” Ketchum said.

What he saw stopped him in his tracks.

“Why me?” Ketchum said.

A massive shade tree’s roots had ripped from the ground, right beside his house at 53rd & Bellefontaine. The tree’s trunk and branches crashed onto the roof.

“It happens. But other people in other little cities, they have it worse than me, so I’m not going to cry,” Ketchum said.

The heavy weight of the tree punctured at least one hole in the roof, but Ketchum knows it could’ve been much worse. He was moments away from parking his truck in the driveway and could’ve been crushed as the tree came tumbling down.

“I’m very lucky,” Ketchum said.

Record-breaking rains are leaving the ground saturated.

“Wish it’d stop! It’s really damaging a whole lot of places,” Ketchum said.

Experts said toppled trees are being found in neighborhoods around the region.

“We’re seeing this everywhere. It’s spotty, but when we are seeing it, it’s massive like this. Big huge trees. Big huge shade trees that are falling, uprooting and doing enormous amount of damage,” Rex said.

Good tree maintenance can help limit your risk of having something like that happen to you.

“This one probably couldn’t have been prevented. But what you can do is reduce the odds of this happening by proper pruning and proper trimming procedures,” Rex said.

But for now, residents are left to clean up and hope Mother Nature settles down.

“It is an ugly mess,” Rex said.

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