Mathieu meets with KC mayor, discusses new initiatives and programs

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Tyrann ‘Honey Badger’ Mathieu is set to make his debut as a Kansas City Chief in just a few weeks.

But before he steps foot on the field, he’s making sure he’s known in the community for other reasons.

“I think everywhere I’ve ever went, I’ve tried my best to implement myself into the community, and do a lot of different things within the community,” Mathieu said.

The star player meeting with Mayor Sly James in downtown Kansas City Tuesday evening.

The two brainstorming ideas about how Mathieu  can use his platform to inspire area youth.

A partnership and initiative, James said is a testament for the kind of person he is.

“He’s in a position using his position and star power to help move needles, and I think the fact that he’s willing to do that speaks volumes about his character,” James said.

Mathieu said he’s had to overcome many challenges as a child growing up in New Orleans, Louisiana. His main focus will be on area youth, providing them opportunities he didn’t have as a child, from reading programs, tech programs and camps, all things he’s launched in other cities.

“Coming from New Orleans, Louisiana, especially in the inner city, I think a lot of resources are restricted. A lot of opportunities aren’t really there. I think if more people can come in, and help kids out, I think it would do a great job adding confidence in their lives and really inspire them to be great people,” Mathieu said.

His work in other communities has resulted in big honors in Texas and Arizona.

Just in the last week, the former LSU star had a locker room named after him after donating $1 million to his old university.

Mathieu said he is excited to call Kansas City home,

“I always told myself if I ever get to this position in my life, I will always be a source for people to come to, and I’m excited about it. I’ feel like I am the right guy for it,” Mathieu said. “I think it is important to embrace the community, especially the kids. I think the kids are our future and I think if enough people can step up and guide them in the right direction a lot more will be and want to be successful.



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