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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A new housing concept is coming to Kansas City’s urban core.

The Mattie Rhodes Center broke ground Monday afternoon on a new, single family home it’s building.

The home will occupy what is now a vacant lot near St. John and N. Topping Avenues in the Indian Mound Neighborhood.

Scott Wagner with the Mattie Rhodes Center said this is a partnership with Kansas State University’s School of Architecture, as well as the Indian Mound Neighborhood Association.

“This was originally designed by Kansas State University as something that could be placed on vacant lots like this one, so our hope is to be able to show the entire process from constructing the house here to being able to sell that property to being able to get a family into this property and that they own it and that it’s theirs.” 

The house will also be energy efficient and will be for sale when it’s finished.

“This is a net-zero house which basically means that we’re trying to get your utility costs as close to zero as we can with this build,” Wagner said.

“This is really also an affordable house as well so anyone who makes 80 percent or below of household income can buy this house from us as we try and tackle some of the affordable housing issues in this area.”   

CoBuild is construing the home. Funding was provided by block grants through the city of Kansas City.