‘Mayhem on the Plaza’: Multiple people assaulted during disruption Saturday night

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Emergency vehicles swarmed the Country Club Plaza on Saturday night in Kansas City, following what witnesses described as a chaotic scene.

“There were a lot of teenage kids just everywhere and a lot of police vehicles were arriving in the area with their lights and sirens on,” said one witness, who only wanted to be identified as C.J.

C.J. was sitting at a red light near 47th and Main when she said a group of delinquents started kicking and jumping on her car.

“One of the kids flipped me off, gave me the middle finger and they started making gang signs with their hands,” C.J. said.

She described the group as teenagers but said some appeared to be as young as nine or 10.

“I said, ‘Where the hell are the parents?’ because I really believe that parents are accountable for their children’s behavior,” C.J. said.

She was able to safely drive away from the scene and found a KC police officer at a nearby gas station where she told the officer what had just happened. She said the officer responded by saying, “There’s mayhem on the Plaza.”

“I said, ‘So you know about it?’ and she said, ‘There are kids just beating up people. There will probably be kids going to jail tonight,’” C.J. recalled.

FOX4 was able to confirm that at least three people were assaulted Saturday night on or near the Plaza, including an employee at the Cheesecake Factory on his way home from work. The other two assaults ended with a group of teens stealing phones from the victims.

“We just thought, ‘Oh, when are the bullets going to start flying?’ and I told my kids, ‘If something starts going off, hit the ground,'” said Deborah Bryan, who was headed to dinner with her two sons and husband Saturday night.

Bryan recalled groups of teens screaming, yelling and running around the Plaza. Officers appeared to be carrying pepper spray cans, but a KCPD spokesperson said there are no reports that the spray was used.

“We didn’t see anybody get taken down or being roughed up by the officers,” Bryan said. “It was just like a pack of wild kids.”

Bryan said the whole scene was unsettling, and her family talked about selling their condo on the Plaza.

“We don’t want any part in this,” she said. “We’re not judging the kids, but it was just not appropriate.”

A KCPD spokesperson would not comment on the number of unruly teens they had to disperse from the area or what initially led officers to the Plaza.



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