Mayor Lucas gives preview of new comprehensive crime prevention plan for Kansas City

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February 07 2021 05:30 pm

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s a strategy that’s been 12 months in the making. 

On Wednesday, Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas will unveil his comprehensive crime prevention plan, meant to curb violent trends in the city.

Metro crime totals in 2020 have been near an all-time high. As of Tuesday, Kansas City Police have reported 145 homicides for the year.

Lucas’ plan is complex. He gave FOX4 viewers a preview on Tuesday morning. The mayor said he intends for all city departments to play a role in this comprehensive strategy, which centers around four key tenets:

  • PREVENTION — eliminating crime as an answer to an individual’s problems
  • INTERVENTION — plans to steer people away from bad choices
  • ENFORCEMENT — making sure lawbreakers answer for their crimes
  • ADMINISTRATIVE REFORMS — enabling criminals who’ve done their time can build new lives

“What I’m trying to do is to make sure fewer people are getting murdered in this city and not just play politics,” Mayor Lucas told FOX4. “What we’re all interested in is, ‘How do we make things safer?’ We’re going to do our very best every day to keep this community safer.”

The city’s budget is reeling from municipal shutdowns during the pandemic. Expenses for many city departments will be reduced by as much as 12% to make up for shortfalls.

A spokesperson for the Kansas City Police Department said it’s safe to say new hires will be in short supply. During Tuesday’s Police Board meeting, KCPD leadership mentioned some cuts could happen at the Kansas City Regional Police Academy.

“We have suspended all academy classes until further notice. There’s no way our budget could absorb anymore. We’re pretty thin right now,” Dep. Chief Karen True said.

Kansas City Police leadership have participated in the construction of the mayor’s plan from the offset. A KCPD spokesperson said continuing education would continue at the academy no matter what, but decisions on where cuts will fall won’t happen until forthcoming city budgets are finalized.

Lucas will officially announce plans for this crime prevention plan at a news conference on Wednesday.



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