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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas plans to pardon people convicted of municipal marijuana possession.

The news was just one of the many topics the mayor touched on Wednesday in his first State of the City address.

It was one of his promises during his campaign, and now it appears Kansas City’s 55th mayor will make good on it.

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Lucas said the convictions were a barrier for many, and in an age where medical marijuana is now legal in the Show-Me State, he said the decision was long overdue.

“Next week, my office will begin our process of pardoning municipal violation of marijuana possession and marijuana drug paraphernalia convictions for all non-violent offenders in Kansas City,” Lucas said.

He said for many years the rules haven’t been fair for some.

“Why is it that somebody who got caught up in the system in 2014, 2015 that you should have different penalties assessed for you?” the mayor asked.

Lucas said he wants his administration to focus on removing barriers to make it easier for people to work, live and take care of their families.

Those with convictions will soon be able to find an application for a pardon on the mayor’s office website and at the city clerk’s office in City Hall.

“I also continue to believe we should remove marijuana altogether from our code of municipal ordinances,” Lucas said Wednesday night.

“State and federal law remain clear in the legality of marijuana possession, offering a path forward in marijuana distribution cases where larger levels of marijuana are involved. The city, in my view, doesn’t need to be in that business.”

Lucas said his vision, his goal will be one everyone can benefit from.