Mayor of Odessa temporarily bans Sheryl Crow music ahead of big football matchup

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ODESSA, Mo. — The mayor in one Lafayette County town believes “a change would do you good.”

That’s why Adam Couch banned Sheryl Crow’s music. At least, until after Saturday’s high school football state semifinal between Odessa High School and Kennett High School.

Couch posted on Twitter and Facebook with his ban on the pop/rock artist’s songs since she’s cheering for his town’s competitor’s this weekend.

Crow grew up in Kennett, Missouri. She shared a video showing her support for the football team.

“Hey Kennett high school football team, I am so proud of you guys! You’re going to go all the way,” the singer said.

After hearing that, Couch feels “the first cut is the deepest.”

“We understand that you support your alma mater,” Couch said. “Unfortunately, I think that after this weekend, she won’t have to encourage Kennett to win state because I think Odessa’s going to win.”

Couch said the support they’ve seen for these posts on social media highlights Odessa’s tight-knit community that’s pushing for their football team.

The mayor decided he had to take action and rally the team — and his town.

“Our city can’t have that kind of negativity,” Couch said. “So I just made the executive decision to put a ban on all Sheryl Crow music until Saturday night.”

Of course, it’s all in good fun.

“We’re just a group of people just having fun,” Couch said. “And while we take the game seriously, I just try to keep it in perspective and add a little humor to the situation.”

Couch said he hopes it lights a fire in both teams to have fun and play hard.

“Every game, it’s been getting tougher and tougher as they move through, but they find a way to win. And again Kennett’s going to be a tough game,” Couch said, “but I’m confident that celebrity endorsements or not they’re going to pull through.”

Couch said Odessa might have a celebrity endorsement of their own to release. He shared a video from KC’s own Tech N9ne on Wednesday night!

The game is at 1 p.m. Saturday in Kennett. Couch said Odessa has a bus of fans traveling more than six hours to cheer on the team.

The winner moves on to the state championship.



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